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Ether Contribution Tutorial Check Your WIKI Token Balance

Ether Contribution Tutorial

Step 1.

Go to MyEtherWallet and unlock your wallet using the Send Ether & Token tab. Choose your unlocking method of choice.

Step 2.

Copy the contract address below and paste it into the "To Address" field


"Amount to Send" is the amount of Ether you wish to send

"Gas Limit" should adjust automatically

Click on Generate Transaction and follow through the prompts

Step 2.

Load the following parameters into the Add Custom Token section (located on the lower right of the page).

Address: 0x0dF9Db1E0dc3ABF5a2011181A9De4f9325631ff6

Symbol: WIKI

Decimals: 18

Step 3.

Click the Save button

Step 4.

Click on the Load Token button

Step 5.

Your WIKI token balance should now be reflected in your wallet